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Promotion of Ethics and Human Values Seminar :

Promotion of Ethics & Human Values 2016 :

World Peace Day 2016 :

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Inter Collegiate Competitions 2016 :

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Seminar 26-11-2015 :

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Ugadi Celebration on 20th March, 2015 :

Welcome to Kev. Sr. Pautine Joseph - Former Principal & Correspondent on 16th March, 2015 :

Leadership Qualities on 13th March, 2015 :

National Science Day on 28th February, 2015 :

Womens day 7th March, 2015 :

Republic Day on 26th January, 2015 :

Pongal Celebration opn 13th January, 2015 :

Dental Doctor Visit on 16th December, 2014 :

Get to Gether on 13th December, 2014 :

Inauguration of Education Club on 6th December, 2014 :

National Disabled Day on 3rd December, 2014 :

MASS on 6th December, 2014 :

HIV AIDS Day on 1st December, 2014 :

Acadamic Counselors meeting on 29th November, 2014 :

Communal Harmony week on 24th November, 2014 to 29th November, 2014 :

International Students day on 17th November, 2014 :

Talent Show on 14th November, 2014 :

Board Meeting 13th November, 2014 :

Science Exibition on 3rd November, 2014 at Guntur Railway Station :

English Guest Lecturer Session on 3rd, November, 2014 :

Personality Development Session on 1st November, 2014 :

Founders Day on 31st October,2014 :


To train the prospective teachers as the agents of conservation of environment, promoters of protection of it and sensitizers of the students and public for controlling air, water and soil pollution environmental club titled as Haritha Sobitha was launched.

Incurable infection HIV/AIDS had been a threat all over the globe including India statistics show that the youth are also victims of it. Hence Red Ribbon club was formed to develop awareness about it and to see that they grow and let the young children grow with good health and safe guard and protect their lives.

Human endeavors are not smooth and plain always. Human nature gives scope for hurt feelings, sorrow, anxiety and stress due to frustrations and failures and even for mental breakdowns. Guidance of the mature minds and experts are needed to help the youth of the student community. To extend guidance and counseling services to our students’ sneha is opened.

Sahaya is meant for extending help whenever and in whatever form needed by others. As education is meant for continuous learning the knowledge and skills are readily shared not only within the college but also extended to the local and distant schools, colleges, universities and the communities as [per the needs and opportunities the students and faculty members get or asked for.

Sahitya provides for understanding the culture of the countries, communities and peoples living styles of personalities; extends linguistic knowledge and skills; may guide a few gifted students towards creativity by this exposure to successful literary works. It may satiate ones emotional and aesthetic drives and passion for verbal expressions in the form of poetry, prose, drama, song and many more.

Flower Arrangement and Food Festival :

Students at Work :
Belongingness’ is an attitude and a feeling, most required for all. Our students develop this within no time on entering the college and hostel, and helping out the cleaning, decorating and keeping the campus spick and span is a result of the sense of belongingness.

Daily Assembly :
Spirituality is a component that is sadly missing in our youngsters these days. The college is very particular about setting this right practice. The day starts with the morning assembly, which is conducted by the students in rotation- All the Scriptures are given importance and beautiful thoughts are presented for contemplation and practice. Values of patriotism, spiritualism, service etc are all developed through this activity. Many of them express that this type of practice help them to learn and motivate their lives.

Community Work :
No educational institution should work in isolation- least of all a college of education. Our students are actively involved in community related work – conducting door to door surveys, providing guidance and counseling important aspects importance like small family norms, health and hygiene, nutrition and education is a regular practice to our student teachers. Our student teachers take remedial classes for the students in the neighboring social welfare hostels.

Workshop on TLM preparation :
This is an annual activity – Every batch of students are provided with this opportunity of coming together, sharing ideas and resources in the preparation of teaching aids. The whole college becomes alive with students spread all over, in groups, cutting, pasting, drawing moulding, painting, stitching etc. By the end of the day a whole lot of models, charts, and drawings are ready for use.

Cultural Activities :
Developing an all round developed personally is one of the aims of the teacher’s education programme- hence cultural aspect of the personality is given ample importance. Students have several opportunities to exhibit their histrionic talents through the various cultural activities round the year.

Empowerment of Women :
The College was established for the very purpose of empowering women through women teachers. The tradition continues…. The women’s cell functions to solve problems of women, enlightens student teachers about the ways and means of combating harassments, rights, related to women, and so many more of such kind.

Solidarity Day :
Our college makes the trainees to ‘lead but not follow’. One of the practices to make genuine leaders is observing solidarity day. Real happiness lies not saving but sharing. As the teachers are the builders of the nation they should follow what they preach. Our institution aims at producing such practicing teachers who share, love and empathize others. ‘A solidarity day’ will be observed to raise funds to help the needy, sick and poor. However small the amount is, that will be used to help others. As drops of water makes an ocean, our help gives life to some. The student teachers actively participate in cooking, preparing, playing, selling and buying few items at a reasonable cost and the amount so raised will be used for a good cause.

Students in Audio-Visual Aids :
Audio visual aids help pour senses of hearing and seeing to enable us learn effectively and efficiently. They motivate learning and develop the capacity for clear thinking. The pupil get not merely theoretical instruction but through these aids, a graphic presentation of the subject. These aids are being used as instructional techniques in some form or the other from time immemorial. But in this world of terrific speed and quick action, it is desirable that the educational machinery should be so geared up that the fruits of education are made available to children as quickly, effectively and attractively as possible. The student teachers get such training to prepare and use appropriate audio visual aids at appropriate time in an appropriate manner.

Equal Opportunity Cell :
Education is a right – A fundamental right in our country and educational opportunities are provided to one and all on equity and opportunity basis. This cell makes available to the students, different opportunities of learning in and out of the college campus. Students with learning difficulties are given extra help; similarly other educational needs are also met. May I help you: Grievance redressal cell is for those students who are inhibitive. This cell proves very beneficial. There is a box in which the students drop their queries or suggestions and those are later tackled accordingly by our counselors.

Retreat :
We organize retreat for our students in order to illuminate their true purpose & meaning in their lives, stir of their souls, and inspire their experience of enlightenment. The self-awareness gained on a spiritual retreat or journey is special and unique for each of them. These retreats help them to focus on personal healing and growth.


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