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The Alumnae Association of St. Joseph’s College of Education was formed to mark the Silver Jubilee of the College. For some years the association met , but then the meetings lessened and stopped. Once again the association was revived in 1996 during the Golden Jubilee celebrations and ever since the meetings have been regularized.

During the last few years some of the eminent people who were invited to address the group were… Dr. B. V. Pattabhiram, eminent and world renowned Psychologist and Hypnotist, Sri. Sarvesvara Sarma,  Retd Reader in Physics, popularly known as the Science Chakravarthi, Dr. P. Ramanujam, Reader, Department of English, Andhra Loyola College Vijayawada and many more of such kind.

In 2010 Alumane meet, the members were given an excellent opportunity to gather in groups to discuss the different classroom interventions and strategies and present a consolidated report.

In 2011 Alumane meet was for healthy living- Dr. Padmavathi, a diabetologist gave a cautionary lecture on diabetes. Dr. Saroja, a psychologist, spoke on the importance of stress management.

The Association meets annually on the Second Saturday of July.

Those wishing to join the A association need to pay 50 rupees only and register their names. The Secretary of the Association is Dr. T. Swarupa Rani.. Contact number is 0863-2245690, 0863-2223090



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